Friday, October 30, 2015

Keeping off Facebook. ..

Even though FB is the single largest networking platform in the Universe, was interested in knowing some other aspects. Yours faithfully has been out of FB for the past one month. People have been saying that FB is a sort of addiction, like smoking etc.. Just wanted to check out !

The experiment was taken up as I wanted to verify three aspects,

1. whether FB is an addiction ?
2. if one is not on FB what are the issues / problems / difficulties ? 
3. if an addiction, how long can a person stay out of FB ?

Over the past one month, I can quite positively and with great determination, say that FB is not an addiction. It is at most a past-time, nothing more than that, not an obsession, wild craving, fixation, enslavement etc..

Some observations :

1. FB does not serve any function other then general socialising and making Zuckerberg rich

2. It is not helpful to increase knowledge at all, one has to pursue other means for that, like reading extensively

3. It can take upto 2-3 hrs of valuable time everyday for socialising

4. It does not directly help in one's professional life, other than improving the networking

5. Can pursue something worthwhile with the time, which can yield good returns in the long run, like spending tiome on self health, walking, starting some useful hobbies, reading, writing etc..

6. Continue reading and get info, the more one remains out of computers, the more is inclined to read and write. In the long run this yields definite positive results.

7. publish more researched articles in the blog (with an aim to improve writing style, comprehension and colecting materials for later publishing) than at FB

8. plan something effective and worthwhile with one's life than just socialising. Take a determined stand like fixing on some goals and aims and working towards attaining it.

9. divert effort and intelligence to more productive pursuits than just networking and socialising

10. help the people of the world who are in need of knowledge, think and put up one's own thoughts and writing at for example. a blog site ..

11. FB is not an addiction  but a low IQ tool to while away time.

My advice to people who would like to lead purposeful lives is to, be on FB initially, understand what it is , its potential, its reach and influence, but at times, try to keep off its influence, by logging off.  May be after a few months. if one needs to network with others, join for some time, but with a disdain for it.

You will tend to appreciate and enjoy technology and at the same time, know the limits and keep a distance without sacrificing personal goals, aims etc.

One more thing is, after logging out of FB, I have been feeling very focussed and wanting to achieve more. Concentrating on daily activities, not missing my future goals !


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Qualities of a Level 5 leader ..

Level 5 Leaders have these following qualities..

Level 1 - possess the knowledge and skills to do the job

Level 2 - motivate the team with their knowledge to DELIVER

Level 3 - competent managers who organise their team to achieve specific objectives

Level 4 - effective leaders who galvanises others to achieve their vision

Level 5 - goes beyond most leaders and helps their organisations become out-of-ordinary enterprises through personal humility and professional will.

Can I become a Level 5 Leader ?

Yes, by following the following principles, one can become a Level 5 leader.

1. by giving credit to others when they perform and take responsibility and action when they dont
2. asking for help when one needs it, asking for help is no show of weakness ..
3. have discipline in doing work
4. spend time to find right people and develop them to the fullest potential
5. be passionate about the job

Interview of Jim Collins : 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Determination quotes

Logistics Metrics and KPIs ..

One of my students working in the logistics industry called me up one day and asked me for some ideas advice on how he could be more effective in managing his activities. I only had this mantra to tell him - measure what you doing, you can improve on it. 

I am reminded of this famous quote by one of the greatest management thinkers and quality gurus, William Deming (1900-1993).
"You can't manage what you can't measure" - William Edwards Deming (1990-1993)
Logistics is the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers, which includes besides transportation, the storage and handling of materials from the source right up to the customer.

A metric is a standard of measurement which helps keep track of the different operating parameters of a process like average waiting time of a process, average weight of the product, average cycle time of an assembly line etc...

A Key Performance Indicator is a metric that gives an indication of the performance of the process and can be used to improve it over time.

Metrics may be many, but KPIs are usually  three or four in number for an industry. Choose the KPIs carefully because those are the important metrics on which you are going to base your performance and continuous improvement ...

Remember - "All KPIs are metrics but not all metrics are KPIs. "

Some of the effective Logistics KPIs could be

     1. Transportation cost per unit sold ( as a percentage or actuals)
     2. Total Logistics cost as a percentage of sales
     3. percentage on-time delivery
     4. logistics cost per kg of item shipped
     5. logistics cost per km transported
     6. percentage damage-free shipment
     7. billing accuracy and
     8. customer service, measuring the overall satisfaction of the customer of the logistics process like On-time delivery, accuracy of billing, damage free transportation, low cost of logistics ...

If the manager is very keen to pursue the common metrics and additionally the KPIs, he is sure to excel in his actions and help the organisation achieve its goals.


William Edwards Deming (1900-1993) - famous quotes ..

These are some of the famous quotes from Deming. Deming is one of the greatest quaklity gurus whom I have adored since long. His PDCA cycle is so practical and is the foundation of all quality systems the world over.

Syria, US, IS and the middle-east crisis analysis ..

Will Syria and the middle-east be the crucible for the next world war. ? An analysis .. 

2 million Syrians have already left the country, why ? They are knocking at the doors of European nations begging for accommodation and residency status, a very frightening thought !

Russian jets are pounding the bases of the opposition forces against the Syrian President Basher-al-Assad and Islaimic State (IS). Backed by Iran and their Shia fighters from Lebanon, Hizbollah. US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey on the other hand are backing the Sunni fighters in the Syrian opposition. 

It may be partially true to say that the fight in Syria, which is dismembering  Syria and chasing so many refugees out of the country and into Europe across the Meditteranean Sea, is already causing so much of pain and heartache across the European world. The plight of war refugees is a matter of concern everywhere in the world. UNHCR takes special interest in attending to them.

The hesitation of US to enter the conflict head-on but to supply war equipments through the CIA to the opposition groups, is silently adding fuel to fire. All of them have one common enemy, it is the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS).

Islamic State is enjoying the enmity between the Shias and the Sunnis (being also partly Sunnis) and also between the respective countries. It could not have been any better for IS.

The stage is properly set for a great clash, countries, knowingly or unknowingly are being pulled to the conflict. Countries and cultures, immature and inferior, including the great nations of Russia and US are playing into the hands of the IS and pouring oil into the Shia-Sunni divide in the middle-east.

The greatest fear is will this conflict grow into the third world war in the next few months ?If so, who will benefit and who will get wiped out.

US is standing by the side as a passive observer, not actively interfering other than through CIA. China and India are on the sides not yet drawn into any serious intervention.

US fears that if its attention is diverted, (as a result of its past actions and interventions in the area for selfish reasons by earlier US administrations), it can pull US back economically and dilute its important role in the global arena, as the second largest and influential country in the world after China.

US' greatest fear, is of being unwillingly pulled, pushed and jostled into this conflict by virtue of its past actions, support, gains, and patronage of cruel regimes and families for US' selfish interest. US has now come to realise the ill-effects of its earlier actions in the global stage.

Intervention in Syria or taking sides openly could be very costly for US as it can writeoff its future control over world politics. Not interfering in the conflict can be equally damaging too, as it can see its allies in the middle east, who have been supporting it financially and politically, crumble, raising more conflicts and civil wars in the middle east area.

Click this link for the refugee crisis ..

The final result of this conflict can see China and India going ahead and pushing US to the sides as an insignificant global player, to a situation from which it can never recover, economically, politically, strategically and militarily.

The underlying reason in all these regional conflicts is getting very clear with each passing day. The inferior civilizational and cultural heritage of the warring factions and countries, including the very nascent US, resulting in these conflicts is getting very evident. See how the more superior India and China have managed to keep off the conflict.

Lack of vision and maturity of these nations who are only interested in their
 short term benefits is not only causing great pain and misery in the region, it is also pulling them back economically and culturally, prompting these countries led by US and Russia, to push forward with greater violence and immature global actions.

India and China on the other hand are enjoying from the sides, wondering why US and Russia are so much interested in destabilising other countries and regions of the world including themselves, for their personal selfish interests ?

It is true that many Indians and Chinese may be working and living in these conflict ridden countries and its neighbours, but it is just personal interests to make a quick buck combined with lack of opportunities back home which prompt them to do so. No Indian or Chinese worth the salt would willingly enter and remain in these conflict ridden areas.

While the whole world looks at the future with a lot of uncertainty and conflict, only two regions of the world, Indian and China remain confident of the future. These two great countries are going to lead the world and give strong ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural leadership and to allow their citizens to live peacefully.

And the end results will be evident twenty years from now, for the whole world to see - The Eastern Ascendancy, after a 300 year gap ..


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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Can the West and China match India's technological superiority ?

The total solar energising of world's first (and India's fourth busiest) International airport at Kochi, Kerala at $10 million by August '15 , which handles 7 million passengers annually, made big news globally. This $10 million investment translates to $1.43 million per million passengers.
World's first solar powered international airport ..

Handling 58,950 aircraft movements translates to $0.17 million per 1000 movements.

Handling 74,800 T cargo, it translates to $0.13 million per 1000 T cargo handled.

The world gets a shocker !! India leads the world in technological and innovative breakthroughs ..

Let us see whether any country is advanced enough like India to get their International airports go hi-tech with solar energy at such great COST INNOVATION !! it is a challenge for some of the advanced countries of the world.

Can Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta, US (world's largest airport) handling 96 million passengers annually, be able to go completely solar at $138 million ( at $1.43 million investment per million passengers) to be any threat to Kochi International airport ? US thinks only in terms of investments of billions of dollars and thinks it is the easiest way to boss around.

Is it any more relevant in the present day innovative world ?

Even if Atlanta airport takes $200 million to go solar (a very very distant and remote possibility), can US and other countries ever compete with the leader, India on cost innovation ?

Leaders lead, others follow !

Thanks to Bosch Germany for working with superior Indian technologists and managers (senior alumni from CET) and the great vision of VJ Kurien IAS, (Addl. Chief Secretary, Govt of Kerala) Chairman and MD of Kochi International airport, to make this great task possible ..

This is also a great reminder of how private initiative  (Kochi international airport is the first airport in Indian in public-private partnership (PPP) mode) can do wonders to the country.  Corruption, the bane of the country can also be eliminated .. ( if only our corrupt state and central depts of PWD, etc could be reformed with political conviction)

The best is yet to come !!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Anila's daddy Varghese Chacko ..

Varghese chacko Aruparayil as a handsome young man of 20 years ..

Sent by Shajichayan from US ..

TDS and drinking water quality in Bangalore ..

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